If you haven't made a dinner reservation for Friday by now, you're probably out of luck.

Show your romantic side with this dinner idea instead.

Valentines Day is the busiest night for restaurants across the country, but because this most romantic of holidays is on a Friday this year, it's expected that restaurants will be especially packed. Chances are, if you haven't made a reservation by now, you can forget about it.

How's this as an option for all of you last minute romantics? Pizza!

I know...pizza doesn't exactly seem like true love to me either, but consider this. Michigan based pizza company, Jets, is offering heart shaped pizzas through February 15 for Valentines Day. Each pizza has eight slices, for $6.99.

Believe it or not, Jets says the heart shaped offerings grew from customer requests.

Think about it. Almost everyone likes pizza. The price is nice and you can pick it up or have it delivered if you're being to romantic to leave the house.

For more details on this cheesy Valentines Day gift idea, go to www.jetspizza.com.