I can hear the comments already...it's nothing but a stupid squirrel or they're just big rats with prettier tails, etc.

I don't care. Here was an animal that needed some help, and he stepped up.

Rick Gruber, a pool repairman from Phoenix, AZ, entered a client's pool area last month and immediately saw a small squirrel struggling and splashing to keep his head above the water. Gruber immediately pulled the little guy from the pool and started CPR.

Rick captured this video as he spent an hour with the squirrel, as it rested and started to regain its' strength.

The self confessed animal lover says he would do CPR for anybody; "a rodent, a dog, a cat, anything."

Friends, family and co-workers have nicknamed Rick the "squirrel whisperer."

Rick Gruber's video, "The day I saved a ground squirrel from drowning" is below.