Are the stickers on your car giving criminals the upper hand? Police say the cute family window stickers that are proudly displayed on the back of many family vehicles may be an open invitation to theft.

An Ohio-based group is warning that family stickers, as well as decals that indicate what school sports kids participate in, may give clues as to when family members may be away from home, and even the size and number of pets in the household. And because G.P.S. units usually have a 'Home' button, thieves may have the perfect opportunity to navigate to an unoccupied house.

RACE Search and Rescue

In the video below, police tell WSHM-TV that thieves and predators are using the stickers to track and target their victims.

What are your thoughts? Is this warning over the top, or is it best to err on the side of caution?


- George McIntyre
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