This proves that all traffic stops aren't as simple as they seem.

A Davison man was arrested around 7:30 this morning when police responded to a call about a man slumped over the wheel of his vehicle in the parking lot of the Center Road Goodwill store. The 33 year old was leaving the parking lot when Burton police officers arrived and attempted to pulled him over. He pulled into the parking lot of the Security Credit Union next door and was arrested when officers noticed the strong smell of chemicals coming from the man's vehicle.

Burton police suspect that the Davison man was operating a mobile meth lab. This morning's incident remains under investigation as officers try to determine how much meth was in the vehicle. Flint Area Narcotics Group officers put on hazmat suits to safely dispose of the volatile chemical materials.

The operator of that vehicle is in the Genesee County Jail waiting to be formally charged.

The main entrance to the Security Credit Union remains open but a drive thru window is open to customers.