Dogs aren't perfect: the excessive drool, droopy eyes, the wrinkly skin, but if your like me those quirky flaws are all part of what makes you love them...right?

Apparently not. For vanity and health reasons, more and more U.S. pet owners are turning to plastic surgery to alter their furry companions. What kind of surgeries are pets getting? Find out after the jump.

Some of the most common procedures are Botox for wrinkles, tummy tucks, nose jobs, braces, and eyelid lifts are common for breeds like the bloodhound and bulldog. There are also implants such as "Neuticles" — bean-shaped silicone implants to replace the testicles of neutered dogs.

Where did this trend start? In the U.S. of course.  Tail cropping and plastic surgery on ears have been around for years, though they are going out of style. 'Neuticles' were invented back in the mid-1980s, and chin-lifts for dogs became popular in the 1990s.

Would you put your pet under the knife for plastic surgery?