The world needs to know what to call this little guy...and you get to help decide what that will be!

Watch the videos first and then make your voice heard.

Talk about a will to live! This cub was born on November 9th of last year at the Toronto Zoo, and is the only surviving cub born into captivity for all of 2013.

Mom and dad are Aurora and Inukshuk, and both came to the Toronto Zoo as rescue bears. Aurora gave birth to three cubs, but despite her excellent mothering, two passed away within 48 hours. It soon became apparent that the little lone survivor wasn't thriving either, and the decision was made to move him to the zoo's intensive care unit so that he could get specialized care around the clock. That decision turned out to be the right one, as you will see in the videos below.

I'm a big fan of getting to know the personality of anything before I choose something as important as a name, so watch this little fellow's most recent antics, shot on February 10th, below.

It's not hard to see that this little bear absolutely loves the snow!

Now that you've enjoyed all of that cuteness, help the Toronto Zoo decide on a name for the young Polar Bear. Take just a minute to CLICK HERE for the final choices and to make your pick. Voting wraps up on March 9th at noon, and the winning name will be announced shorty after.

My vote was for the name Stirling, which means high quality and pure. What name did you pick for this special little cub, and I'm just many times did you replay those adorable videos?