With the Jerry Sandusky scandal still fresh in their minds, Penn State University has taken some unusual steps to make changes to the way things used to be. There were many innocent victims in the Sandusky story including the young boys molested by him, the past, present, and future athletes at Penn State who will bear the NCAA punishments, and now you can add Neil Diamond to that casualty list.

Penn State announced Monday that it would be ending its long-standing tradition of playing the Neil Diamond classic ‘Sweet Caroline’ during games because university officials felt it wasn’t appropriate in light of the scandal, to have a stadium full of people singing “touching me, touching you” at the top of their lungs.

I guess you have to give Penn State some credit for it's new-found sensitivity as they try and rebuild an image tarnished by the scandal. It is just another small indicator that the fallout from the scandal is far from over.

And not even Neil Diamond is safe.