Christopher Reynolds started last month with $140.25 in his PayPal account, and ended the month with $92,233,720,368,547,800. PayPal credited the Pennsylvania man with $92 quadrillion making him the richest man on earth, then corrected the error a few hours later.

Reynolds told Philadelphia's Daily News, "I'm just feeling like a million bucks."

The 56-year-old account executive says his typical PayPal transactions are usually no more than $100. He usually uses the service for eBay transactions, often buying vintage auto parts.

Reynolds says he's a responsible guy, so if he actually had $92 quadrillion, his first act would be to do something honorable.

"I would pay the national debt down first. Then I would buy the Phillies, if I could get a great price."

Dream big: What would you do if you suddenly became the richest person on earth?

- George McIntyre
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