Pat Farmer has just completed an epic run. That should read EPIC RUN, because Farmer, a 48-year old Australian has gone from the North Pole to the South Pole covering roughly 13,000 miles. It took him 10 months and 13 days, where he averaged 50 miles a day.

Farmer did it to raise money for the International Red Cross, and so far has gathered over $100,000 for his effort. "There was not one easy day in the whole journey," Farmer said. With no days off, Farmer suffered dehydration, stress injuries, and pushed through unimaginable pain. He lost 26 pounds, endured blizzards, became lost in the deserts of Peru, dodged polar bears, snakes, crocodiles and armed bandits. He crossed 14 countries and endured bitter cold and sweltering tropics. For more on his amazing journey, visit: