Talk about ending up in the wrong place!

A man is suing British Airways after they mistakenly sent him to Grenada instead of where he wanted to go, Granada. NBC News says a Maryland dentist was heading to Portugal last fall  for a work conference and decided he would make a quick stop in Granada, Spain to see some sites. But the airline mistakenly sent him to Grenada in the Carribean. The man - who didn't realize it until 20 minutes into the flight - says he said Spain when booking and didn't notice the destination change on his e-ticket because it didn't contain the destination airport. He barely made the conference and now he's out 375,000 frequent flier miles which he used for the tickets. British Airways offered $376 and 50,000 miles for the mistake, but the dentist says he's out $34,000 for trips and tours he booked for Spain. The airline is also fighting back against the man who is representing himself in court.

Who's side are you on?