If you're heading to downtown Flint during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm), you'll need to pay for parking. The new solar-powered parking meters are now operational, and failure to feed the meter could result in a $25 parking ticket.


The new high tech meters can accept coins, credit and debit cards. There are only 33 meters to cover 276 parking spaces along Saginaw Street from Flint City Hall north to the Flint River, and along side streets from Buckham Alley to Brush Alley. To pay to park, you'll need to know your license plate number to enter that information into the pay station. You can buy 3 minutes for a nickel, 15 minutes for a quarter and an hour for a dollar. There is a two-hour time limit.

If you need to park longer than two hours, you should use the Flat Lot on Kearsley Street or the Rutherford Parking structure which charge $5 for the entire day. Parking is still free during evening hours and on weekends.

Ironically, the new meters will help pay for the Rutherford Parking Structure at 125 W. Kearsley St.