What side of this situation would you find yourself on? Would you be angry at the teachers of this school district?A family thought the worst was behind them after a local teacher was convicted of molesting their son. But now they say they are disgusted by actions from the school district following the teacher's conviction.

Last week, 38-year-old Neal Erickson, a former middle school teacher in Rose City, was sentenced to 15 to 30 years behind bars.He engaged in sex acts with the male student, who was older than the age of 13 but younger than the age of 16. Erickson taught science at the school for 16 years.

This is what got the kettle to boil. The family later learned teachers in the district not only showed up in court to support Erickson  they wrote recommendation letters to the judge asking for a lighter sentence. Monday night, the family showed up to the school board meeting demanding answers.  Here's some of the meeting below.