I think their priorities are messed up, but their supervisor says they did nothing wrong. You be the judge.

20 year-old Jack Glover was very surprised when a complete stranger sent him a photo from his accident scene that she had seen on Twitter. She wanted to know if he was alright.

A medical condition caused Jack to black out and his vehicle left the road, traveled through a drainage ditch, hit a large tree branch and finally came to a stop when it hit a large tree head on. Glover broke a wrist and ankle, suffered multiple cuts and scrapes from broken glass and sliced open his knee. He also has a large piece of glass imbedded in his scalp. He was unconscious during all of this and did not come to until he was in an ambulance.

In the picture from the accident you will clearly see one responder posing outside the disabled vehicle and another paramedic smiling next to Jack in the passenger seat.

What angers Glover and his family is that the photos were taken BEFORE the paramedics tended to Jack's medical needs.

Wayne-Westland Deputy Fire Chief Patrick Harder defends his crew and says they followed proper protocol.

Share your thoughts. Were the paramedics neglecting their duties for a photo opp?

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