It looks like we have kicked things up a couple of notches when it comes  to begging.To top it off it wasn't even the man's own child. The man was arrested after police said he used a 3-year-old girl to beg for money outside a gas station. Witnesses told police a man was begging for money outside of a gas station with a 3-year-old girl. They said the man appeared to be drunk or high and they were worried about the safety of the child.

The man Thomas Borucki told police that his girlfriend had taken a nap and the young girl was crying, so he decided to take her for a donut, but did not have money, which was the reason he was begging for money. The mother of the child told police that Borucki was supposed to take the girl to a park within the apartment complex where they lived.

Borucki was arrested and charged with breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor.