This is a situation that I never gave any thought to until I read this story. What do you do with all the food you stockpiled to ride out the hurricane, then the hurricane never comes? You eat it, right? That would be the logical answer, but the problem is not how much you bought it's what you bought. Get the rest of the story after the jump.

When there is and impending natural disaster, preparations are made. Supermarkets are ransacked. The water aisle is the first to be depleted, followed by bread and peanut butter.

Then the truly creative purchases begin. Surely Pop-Tarts count as non-perishables, don't they?  Olives,  fruit snacks, and kidney beans also fall in to that category. We can't forget the Little Debbie Swiss Cakes along with Doritos, you get the point. You find yourself buying things that you normally would not, things that taste good but are bad for you.

How much stuff did you stockpile back when the millennium arrived?