The story is beyond tragic. Four year-old Dominick Calhoun died in April of 2010 after suffering days of abuse by his mother's live in boyfriend, Brandon Hayes. Now a book has been published in which Corrine Baker, Dominick's mother claims innocence of any crime and as you can imagine, this community's reaction has been strong.

The book, titled "I Didn't Kill My Baby", was written by Laura Schupbach Oullette, and published by Xulon Press. It is available for purchase at Amazon. In the book, Dominick's mother maintains her innocence in regards to his death. As you can imagine, people aren't buying her claim, or the book. There are 16 reviews posted on Amazon. Only one of those reviews is kind to Ms. Baker. There are also concerns as to where profits from book sales will go. There was a vague suggestion in the press that proceeds from the book will go to help "women like Baker," and most agree that Ms. Baker should not profit in any way from the death of her son. If you agree and would like to urge bookstores and retailers not to sell this book sign a petition initiated by Harold Hampton III of Flint here.

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