Sadly, this needs to be explained to some, but I am at least glad we can have a frank discussion about consent in a simple way.

In light of all of the recent discussion around a certain case about an athlete who, in my opinion, got a slap on the wrist for a very serious offence revolving around an unconscious classmate. I figured that this video would explain exactly what consent looks like without making anyone uncomfortable about this subject.

When you take a look at the video, you will understand it is just stupid to offer tea to someone who doesn't want it or are unconscious. Because, unconscious people don't want tea and cannot answer the question "do you want tea". I think we are all adults and can comprehend that we are not just talking about tea here.

I really like this video and I am very glad that it has surfaced because it's a very simplified explanation of sexual consent. So, if there are any questions from here on out, just think of tea. Do they want your tea?