It always feels like going back in time when I enter the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  Most of the people who come to visit are dressed up in medieval garb, and even talk with that Shakespearean dialect.  It's not everyday we can say things like "Good Morrow" or "Huzzah!"

Last weekend, we were out there for a live broadcast during their 'Shamrocks & Shenanigans' weekend.  The luck of the Irish was certainly in the air!  My family joined me for the day and enjoyed the music, entertainment and overall atmosphere of Holly Grove.

From the smell of the amazing food to incredible performances and shows that are happening almost non-stop,  it's hard not to get lost in the moment and really feel like you've stepped back a few hundred years.

This weekend is the 'Harvest Huzzah,' featuring the Harvest Market, the 6th Annual Michigan State Royal Archery Tournament, wine tasting and much more!  Cars 108 will be there from 10am to noon on Saturday.  That's before the the final weekend, 'Sweet Endings,' happening September 29th and 30th.

Try not to get up and dance with me to the Flint Scottish Pipe Band! Huzzah!

(Oh, and I'm sorry about the vertical video!)