The countdown is on for "American Idol".  It's a new season with new judges, so we'll see how it goes.  They moved Idol to Wednesday and Thursday nights and a lot of networks have moved around some of their shows so they don't lose their audience.  Rod asked me earlier who my least favorite judge was and I would say probably Jennifer Lopez.  I feel like she's going to try too hard to be funny and I don't think it's going to work for her.

When Kara DioGuardi was a judge, I felt like she tried too hard to play a funny role, and  in a way, it backfired on her.  After all, she's no longer on the show.  I could see Jennifer trying to take on a Paula Abdul style but it won't work.

I still think it's a random mix of judges this year, and I'm curious how they will work together.  We'll soon find out on the 19th.  Rod had an article about the best days being over for Idol and you can read more here.  Are you ready for Idol?