Beloved sports reported Dom Tiberi returned to work a week after losing his daughter Maria in a car accident, and expressed a tremendous amount of gratitude for viewers, family, and even the Ohio State Buckeyes football team for helping him through such a difficult time.

It's hard to get through this emotional video with dry eyes.

Maria Tiberi was killed on September 17th when the vehicle she was driving collided with a tractor trailer. Tiberi acknowledges that his daughter may have been texting while driving, and makes a passionate on-air plea.

Kids, think about one thing:  Be defensive as a driver. Please don't do this to your parents. Don't do this to your grandparents.

Share this video with your kids, and anyone you know that may be prone to distracted driving. I'll share it with my teenage drivers, as I frequently remind them how dangerous texting and driving is. I just hope my preaching gets through -- and my family (and yours) never has to go through what the Tiberi family has.

And kudos to WBNS-TV for granting Dom the airtime to share his story!

- George McIntyre
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