We've all heard of a business making a mistake that costs them.  Hence the expression "the customer is always right."  Some of these mistakes can cost the business a cheese burger, others can cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS???

Cincinnati's Horseshoe Casino held a drawing Saturday night for a summer giveaway.  It was the second of three drawings where the winner scores a million dollars.  The winner's name was Kevin Lewis.

52-year-old Kevin L. Lewis, a Cincinnati resident, happened to be at the casino when the drawing happened. He and his fiancée started screaming and ran up to claim the million dollar prize. He signed a few papers, took some publicity photos, and that was it.  Kevin became a millionaire. There was just one problem... he was the wrong Kevin Lewis.

The real winner was 50-year-old Kevin Lewis, also from Cincinnati, who was at home at the time.  The Horseshoe Casino didn't catch their flub since both Kevins were in their early 50s and both were from Cincinnati.

But you have to give the Horseshoe Casino props because once they caught their mistake, they did something truly awesome. They let the first Kevin Lewis keep his million, and they gave the second Kevin Lewis a million dollars too!