My personal feeling about the whole occupy thing is not very positive. Most of the people doing the occupying have no clue why they're even there. I think it's all about the party. This story and video is  perfect for occupy Wall Street. The raid Tuesday was set to music, take the jump and enjoy the video.


The raid of Zuccotti Park and the dramatic events that followed it on Tuesday were set to music, Frank Sinatra's iconic "New York, New York." Casey Neistat, star of the HBO series, "The Neistat Brothers," set footage he shot beginning during the early morning raid and throughout the day of the NYPD lifting handcuffed protesters off the ground and stuffing them into police vans to Sinatra's song.

They went to Zuccotti Park as soon as they heard the police were evicting the protesters on Tuesday morning. He shot the raid and subsequent chaos at the park for 18 hours and was one of the first people allowed back into the park when it reopened at 6 p.m.

In the video, the escalating tension between police and protesters culminates in a brawl when one protester tries to plant the American flag in a Zuccotti Park bush as Sinatra sings, 'It's up to you, New York, New York.'

Watch the video below