Well, we made a valiant effort. Adults have to ruin it for everybody. 

When I was a kid, I loved to make people laugh. Unfortunately, I also got made fun of. A lot. So, in my free time, I dressed as a clown to entertain the kids in my neighborhood. And it worked! They laughed, they had fun, and it made me happy, too. So, when all of these stories about creepy clowns came out, we thought it might be fun to bring back the not-so-creepy clown and give out some free hugs in Flint.

As you can see, it went well...until we were kicked out. Apparently, there were some adults inside who are "cripplingly afraid of clowns," so we were asked to leave. Isn't that kind of like...I'm on a diet, so you can't have a donut? Just sayin'. Either way, we had fun. Made us happy to see kids smile. :)