Perspective.  I was recently reminded that we all approach things from different angles. Because I suffer from a bit of  royal-wedding fatigue, I assumed everyone else does too, and quipped on the air that I had reached Prince-William-and-Kate-Middleton-wedding overload.  A  listener reminded me what happens when you assume.

Her admonishment was gentle and polite, but she let me know that she is delighted to hear every detail of William and Kate's pending nuptials.  She was captivated by Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding 30 years ago, and has once again been drawn in by the majesty, and romance of the forthcoming event.

Not everyone shares my opinion?  I suppose not.  It's a little strange and just a bit embarrassing that sometimes we need to be reminded.  Maybe I'm less mindful of others' feelings when it comes to news and events that aren't exactly earth-shattering.  I was more entertained by Dancing with the Stars this season, because I enjoyed climbing on the "Bash Bristol Bandwagon."  You enjoyed it for other reasons?  That probably should have occurred to me.

Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays.  I always say the former, and we frequently hear that many people scoff at the political correctness of the latter.  But is that vocal group the majority?  As I attempt to be mindful of others' perspectives, I wish you happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, unless of course you don't celebrate that particular day.  In that case, I wish you happy Thursday.