"I often call it that God gives me the gift of coincidence, puts me in the right place at the right time and connects me with the right people."

Jason Lipscomb is the founder of Forge Flint, a Christian non-profit, that is installing the free home filters for residents of Flint. In the last month, they've installed a couple dozen filters in the Civic Park neighborhood...for free.

"I actually lived in Haiti. I drilled water wells and set up clean water filtration systems,” Jason told ABC 12. "To know that they can actually trust the water from their own house to shower, to bathe, to cook, to drink."

The whole-home filtration systems cost $150, and even though the filters need to be replaced every three months, workers from Forge will come and replace them for residents.

"We’re fulfilling a purpose that we're here on earth for, relationships and taking care of each other. And this inspires others to get moving to help their neighbors as well,” he said.

From the people of Flint, THANK YOU!