Flint leaders wanted to give bars an economic shot in the arm.  That's why they passed a resolution to allow bars to sell alcohol before noon on St. Patrick's Day, which falls on a Sunday this year. 'Big Brother' says, 'not gonna happen'.  A ruling from Lansing means no such luck for bars hoping to cash in on the Irish holiday. Lansing ruled the city can't make a one-day exception to its ban on selling alcohol before noon on Sundays.

Earlier this year, Flint City Council OK'd the one-day pass because St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday this year.  The Michigan Liquor Control Comission has pulled the plug on the pass. "They said we had to redraft a resolution, eliminating the ban, and if we wanted to put it back in, we'd have to draft another resolution.  In the meantime, there would have been a $160 fee for businesses to apply for it, and in a week's time, and for only five hours of liquor sales, it just did not seem worth the headache," said Flint Public Information Officer Jason Lorenz.

For some downtown businesses, the decision comes after they'd already planned Sunday morning St. Patty's Day events.  Those events included selling breakfast and plenty of green beer.

Other businesses said they still plan to open early, they will just follow the rules.  Fines if a business gets caught selling before noon can be $300.  The business can also have its liquor license suspended or revoked.

Back in 2010, state lawmakers passed a law that allows businesses to sell alcohol early on Sundays with a special permit.  Part of that law allowed individual municipalities to opt out.  Flint was one of them.  That's why the one-day pass to allow sales did not work, according to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

Despite some confusion, there will be plenty of St. Patrick's Day festivities going on in Downtown Flint on Sunday beginning at noon -- click here for a full list of activities.
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