A 16-year-old Texas teen will not spend one day in prison after a drunk-driving accident that killed four people in June. Although Ethan Couch had a blood-alcohol level of .24 -- three times the legal limit for an adult -- when he struck four pedestrians, the judge in the case said much of the blame lies with the teen's wealthy parents.

The boy's defense attorney argued that Couch was spoiled and privileged, saying his parents allowed him to drink at a young age, and that he had begun driving at age 13. A psychologist testified that Couch was the product of wealth and privilege.

While prosecutors were pushing for a 20-year prison sentence, Couch will serve only 10 years of probation, and visit a private, high-end rehabilitation center. The cost of the treatment -- $450,000 -- will be picked up entirely by the boy's father.
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