Here's a story guaranteed make you smile for the rest of the day.

Meet the sweet beagles they are calling the Lucky 9.

Nine beagles were rescued recently from a life spent in small metal cages, and laboratory tests. The 'Lucky 9" as they are now called were found by the Beagle Freedom Project in Las Vegas. In the video below, you will watch as they are liberated from their cages and finally get to see what a life outside a laboratory is like.

These sweet dogs have never wagged their tails, taken a breath of fresh air or felt the warmth of the sun. They don't know what grass is and they have never interacted with a human or another dog.

in the video below, you will watch all of that unfold for the "Lucky 9"

I am so happy for these dogs, but I can't help but think of many the dogs who will spend their life in cruel metal cages, never able to do these things that humans take for granted. To learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project, CLICK HERE.

Watch as they take their first sniff of fresh air and finally feel grass underneath their paws.