Rod and I covered this topic on today's show. We got a lot of great feedback and more than a few requests to post this list on our Facebook page. Take a look. How did you do mom or dad? Do your teens have these skills?

1. Tip a Waiter

If your teen is eating out with friends, they NEED to know how to properly treat waitstaff. That means not leaving a pile of loose change and a mess for the waitress.

2. Answer the Phone and Take a Message

Landlines are slowly disappearing, and phone etiquette is going with it. But if your kid is old enough to be home alone, they should be old enough to handle the phone when it rings. That means taking a message, if necessary!

3. Run a Load of Laundry

Every young person should know the basics of separating lights from darks and how to run a washer and dryer. Do you want to do their laundry forever?

4. Cook a Basic Meal

It doesn't have to be surf and turf, but there's no reason a 13-year-old can't make a grilled cheese or scrambled egg.

5. Write a Letter

Whether it's a thank-you to grandparents for the birthday check or a cover letter for a reume, it should have a salutation, good grammar, correct spelling and a signature.

6. Wash Dishes

Soap, water, scrub. How hard is that? If they can make a mess in the kitchen, they can clean that mess up.

7. Dress for a Job

The government allows American kids to get their working papers at 14, and by then kids should know what's appropriate to wear in a work setting ... and know that they need to wear those clothes to an interview too. Pajama pants need not apply.

8. Look an Adult in the Face and Carry On a Conversation

The average teen should know that staring down at the cellphone when someone is talking to you is RUDE. Steady eye contact and a genuine interest in other people showcases a happy, confidant strength of character.

9. Pump Gas

Most kids can't wait to drive, but they need to learn early on that a driver's license comes with a laundry list of responsibilities. Why not start with pumping gas? It's relatively simple, and they're going to have to learn some time!

As I look at this list I realize that I neglected a few of these with my kids, especially my boys! They say it's never to late so I'm going to get busy on the laundry and the cooking! How did you do as a parent? Are there any life skills that you would like to add to the list?