I get the whole you shouldn't be fighting while going to school thing. But, being expelled because I was just watching? I must admit that in high school when a fight broke out you could have sold tickets. Everybody stood around and watched but they were not expelled. This happened at Dean College in Massachusetts.

The rest of the story and the fight video after the jump.

Nine students at Dean College have been expelled after a student was beaten up in an attack that was recorded on video. The disturbing video shows a young man confronting another man. Moments later, the first man punches the other, knocking him to the ground and the beating continues.

While the attack goes on, a group of men yell and laugh at the victim as he is knocked to the ground and pummeled with his own sneakers. The victim was treated for injuries. He was back on campus Tuesday.

Students say the altercation was over sneakers that the attacker believed the victim had stolen from him. They are limited edition Nike sneakers that sell for $200.

he college issued a statement saying student safety is a top priority. They expelled the bystanders also, do you agree with that?

The beat down was caught on video, take a look below.