Officials will be throwing pink flags as they call the penalties during the Dolphins-Jets game at MetLife Stadium this Sunday, during the last weekend of Breast Cancer Awareness month, because an eleven year old football fan had a great idea and the courage to send a letter.

letter by Dante Cano[/caption]The idea came from eleven year old Dante Cano of Marlboro, New Jersey. Dante is a fifth grade student at Asher Holmes Elementary School. He wrote a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and in the letter Dante wrote "My name is Dante Cano and I am from Marlboro, New Jersey. I wanted to know if you could use my idea of pink penalty flags in October for breast cancer awareness.Please write back."

"Dante had a great idea and I am looking forward to meeting with him on Sunday to put it into action." Commissioner  Goodell replied. "Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best. I applaud Dante for sending in his recommendation."

photo by NFL[/caption]Dante and his family have been invited to MetLife Stadium for Sunday's game, where they will also present the pink penalty flags to the officials before the game.