The league announced that they will sell tickets to watch the game outside, on large HD monitors on the east side of Cowboys Stadium.  Outside.

And you can't really say it's greedy, because people will do it.

Watch the game in the comfort of your own home, or sit outside the stadium, and pay $9 for a beer.  Hmmm, tough choice!

Technically, can you say, "Yes," if someone asks if you've ever been to a Super Bowl, and you've only watched the game from outside the stadium?

From Yahoo!:

Tickets will first be offered to Cowboys season-ticket holders who will have to buy in blocks of four. The $800 will cover four tickets to watch the game, four programs, four scarves and a parking pass. Scarves? For that price, they better be Burberry.

"We've never done this before," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN Dallas of the league's plan to price-gouge folks who want to attend the Super Bowl without actually attending the Super Bowl.