The circumstances would cause any mother to be upset, but was this a case of extreme violence or was the reporter being insensitive and intrusive?

A reporter and cameraman from WLNE-TV in Rhode island were attempting to interview Melissa Lawerence, a mother who's daughter had been shot during a graduation party. The 16 year-old gunman had just turned himself into police and Abbey Niezgoda, the reporter was asking for a statement. That's when the situation escalated.

See how it unfolds in the video below.

ABC6 - Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA News, Weather

The young girl who suffered from the gunshot wound is recovering at home and Niezgoda had to seek medical treatment and a tetanus shot for her dog bight wound.

WLNE-TV has filed a police report.

Here's the question. Was the reporter and her crew being intrusive and insensitive during a stressful event in the mother's life, or was the mother being unnecessarily violent towards members of the press. We welcome your comments.