As the summer winds down, mothers everywhere are dreading the start of a new school year. Back to school shopping, catching the bus, after school activities, checking homework...sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming! Now, a new survey reveals that moms are also stressed out at the thought of packing a school lunch! Hit read more to see what else the survey says.


This is no joke! 55% of women in the United States with school age children claim to be stressed out at the thought of shopping for, and packing a school lunch! The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, also noted that more fathers are helping to get their kids out the door on school mornings. 55% of men say that they pack the school lunch, as compared to 43% of moms. Less than half of parents say that they pack a brown bag for lunch more than three times a week, the survey also noted. Of those parents packing their child's lunch, 56% went for prepackaged food and snack choices.

I also dreaded the thought of packing a school lunch for my kids when they were in school. It always seemed like one more thing to do in a very busy morning routine. School lunches seemed like a bargain, and money well spent! Do you have any money or time saving tips for moms or dads who pack their child's school lunch? Share them here!