Governor Snyder has signed new legislation that will make it more difficult to sell all types of scrap metal in Michigan.

Will it be enough to stop scrap metal thieves?

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed new legislation yesterday (April 10) that will make it more difficult to sell scrap metal for quick cash.

Michigan scrap yards, by law, now have to drop a check, money order or pre-paid debit card in the mail to anyone who wants to sell copper wire, air conditioners, catalytic convertors and any other type of scrap metal for sales that are over $25. This will also create a paper trail for law enforcement to pursue scrap metal thieves.

Scrapyards will also be required to take a photo or video of all metal purchases.

Communities throughout Michigan have been literally picked apart because of illegal scrapping. The number of reported crimes almost tripled between 2011 and 2012. Law makers hope that by making scrap metal, especially the stolen stuff, harder to sell, thieves will stop pillaging abandoned buildings, our neighborhoods and the cars in a parking lot or garage.

This new legislation has been on the table for 2 1/2 years. The Senate and the House finally reached a deal last month, allowing the new laws to be sent for the Governor's signature.

More details in the video below from Fox2 Detroit.