We've all been there. Go to the movies, ordered the gigantic soda and popcorn and then have to go to the bathroom during the middle of the movie. There's now an app for that!

A new app, RunPee, tells moviergoers when to go to the bathroom so they don't miss the best parts of the movie. The creator of the iPhone app says the idea came to him during the King Kong remake in 2005, a film that was nearly three hours long. Dan Florio says throughout much of the movie, he was desperate to relieve himself. He waited until the end of the movie to go, but not without noting a good three-minute window in which he could have gone.

For now the app is just available on the iPhone in the U.S. Download figures aren't available yet, but Florio says that visits to their website have jumped from about 30 a day to about 3,500 a day.

What do you think about this? Good idea? Something you would use?