Newspapers have been struggling for a few years now, trying to keep up with the changes in technology. A lot of newspapers only print three of four days a week now, and do the rest of the days online. Now, maybe the newspaper fans can have their ink and read it too. Here is a fascinating option about to unfold for those who love their newspapers.

An amazing new flexible “e-paper” by LG is preparing to launch in Europe. Sometime in the next 30 days it may become available.  The break-though  in technology is a six inch screen using only a black & white screen. However, the technology growth allows the screen to bend at up to a 40 degree angle without breaking.

This technology opens the door to totally change the e-book market. It might possibly make magazines obsolete, and if they can make them at a reasonable price it might be the biggest Christmas item on the lists this year!

[Via Engadget.