Officials and other sources are starting to share more information on the six year-old girl who was rescued with the three young women from a home in Cleveland.

To say that Amanda Berry is an extraordinarily brave young woman is an understatement. Now, as new details emerge surrounding her 10 years of captivity in a home in Cleveland with two other young women, we are learning that she is a strong, capable mother as well.

When the three women were finally rescued from their 10 years of captivity inside a suburban Cleveland, Ohio home, a six year-old girl was discovered as well. That little girl is the daughter of kidnap victim Amanda Berry. Miss Berry shared with her grandmother that the little girl's name is Jocelyn and that she was born on Christmas day. There are no public records of her birth, and police will use DNA tests to establish paternity. It's assumed that one of the three suspects is the child's father.

Police officers revealed that Jocelyn enjoyed popsicles while she was being checked out by doctors following Monday's rescue and Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said "She looks great, happy, healthy and ate a popsicle last night. Seeing her mother smile made her smile."

It appears as though Jocelyn was allowed to leave the house on at least a few occasions. She would visit Ariel Castro's mother, who she called "grandmother" and she was also taken by Castro to play at a neighborhood park as recently as last week, where he passed her off as a girlfriend's child.

Amanda also shared with authorities that she was home schooling her daughter, without her captor's knowledge.

More details in the video from ABC below.

To be pregnant and to give birth at home, alone, in captivity to a happy, healthy child is remarkable! Add in the home-schooling as a bonus and you just have to conclude that Jocelyn is blessed with a very remarkable mother. I hope that this Sunday finds them reunited with family and friends and enjoying the first of many joyous Mother's Days.