Most likely the biggest news in your life since your mom told you to get out of her basement.

I kid! I love Star Wars! I'm getting super excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I am counting down the months (three to be exact), then this news?

Word on the street is that Netflix, Disney and Lucasfilm could possibly put all the other flicks on Netflix in the near future in preparation for the new film to be released. There was further fuel to this rumor when Extreamist did some digging and found this on Netflix:


**Internal celebration** If this is true and the Star Wars movies are coming to streaming, I may not leave my house for a few days. This is a very smart move by Disney/Lucasfilm and a major coup for Netflix. Making the original movies available to anyone with a subscription to the most popular movie streaming service in the world is tremendous advertising for the new film. Of course, it will also remind us all about Jar Jar Binks.