Here's a solution Mayor Dayne Walling and Flint city officials (probably) haven't considered. Employ a high-level Cleric or Druid to go door to door to cast a 'Purify Food and Drink' spell on Flint residents' water.

The ad placed in the Flint -> Jobs -> Healthcare section of Craigslist Monday (10/5) makes a tongue-in-cheek appeal to Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts, while criticizing Flint's decision to continue to use the Flint River as its water supply.

Really, we'll try ANYTHING before switching back to the less-corrosive water supplied by Detroit. After all, entertaining our magical thinking and fiscal fantasies is much more important than the health of 100,000 vulnerable people.


The author goes on to poke fun at officials' apparent back peddling of the seriousness of Flint's water crisis.

Don't get us wrong, our municipal water supply, coming from the Flint River, is (not) NOT contaminated with lead, not to mention fecal coliform bacteria, total trihalomethanes, and other contaminants, and is (not) NOT hurting children, which has (not) NOT been confirmed by multiple independents studies and the state's own records.

You can read the entire ad here. Then, we ask you to join us for 'Safe Water Flint' on Friday. If you can afford to do so, please donate bottled water and/or cash at Genesee Valley Center. Details are below.