Bicycling is becoming more popular in Flint as people conserve fuel and take advantage of bike lanes that can now be found on many downtown streets.  One thing that is still hard to find is parking for your two-wheeler.  That is about to change.

The Crim Fitness Foundation and Safe & Active Genesee For Everyone is offering a free bike rack to businesses and organizations that need one.  Just visit the Crim web site and fill out an application for one.

While you are looking at getting a bike rack, check out the Bike It, Walk It, Bus It Team Challenge.  You might remember the Commuter Challenge last year that lasted a week.  This challenge will last for 30 days and will encourage people to use active modes of transportation instead of driving everywhere.

Teams should have at least 3 people and there will be prizes for teams and individuals from places like Assenmachers, Sports Authority and Flint City Bicycles.  Sign up for this at:

Using active transportation saves you money and helps you keep fit at the same time.  That's a win-win.  Doing so can also result in you winning prizes in the Bike It, Walk It, Bus It Team Challenge. 

What are you waiting for?  Get moving!