The words stupid criminal come to mind in regards to this story. Before I get into the story, why is it that some criminals have to take their clothes off during the crime? Here is another example of that as we continue with today's naked crime watch.

The story and the video after the jump.

A police dog took down a naked carjacking suspect Saturday in Whittier, California. It started Saturday evening when Irvine, California police say someone stole a Hummer limousine after pointing a gun at the driver.

California Highway Patrol officers pursued the limo, which at times had heavy smoke coming from it. After the limo turned into a residential area the driver jumped out, naked, and ran away with his arms up.

A police dog took down the suspect and officers were able to handcuff him. End of story. Somebody should give the police dog a breath mint.

Watch the take down in the video below.