When I think of cookies that have been around since I was a kid, I think of one of my all time favorites; Fig Newtons. Now, Nabisco is taking the fig out of newton!


The first Fig Newton was baked in Cambridge, MA in 1891, at the Kennedy Biscuit Works, and was called the Newton after a nearby town. This cookie didn't become a Fig Newton until later, and the name was trademarked in 1914. Now Nabisco is taking the fig out of the Newton. It seems that this cookie has been steadily losing market share, and the reason is that people don't like figs! So, for people that don't like figs, but still like the cookie, the name is being changed back to the original Newton. The cookie stays the same.

I don't care what they call it, it will always be one of my favorites! Do you have a favorite cookie from your childhood? Do they still make it?