I will start by saying that the older I get, the more practical I become. But tires for Christmas? Really?

Yes, it's true. My husband of 31 years gifted me with four new tires for Christmas. David claims that I am hard to shop for, but I don't buy that excuse. I like the things that most women enjoy; candles that smell good, jewelry, spa services. David hates to shop for those, however, so I can usually count on something that he thinks I need for a Christmas gift. I've been gifted with a washing machine, a rotisserie oven, an ice tea maker, and now new tires. I won't dispute the fact that they were greatly needed and I won't say that the purchase wasn't expensive. I have a rough idea of how much those four tires cost. But tires, really?

Yes, tires really! When it comes right down to it, I will say that I'm happy with his purchase. I hope it means that he loves me, and cares for my safety.

Have you ever been gifted with something extremely practical? Would you rather be given something fun and frivolous? What's the worst gift you've been given? What about the best?