People in Genesee County have noticed a mystery creature popping up in some unusual places lately, and they're left wondering what the animal could be.

I've seen many of these large rodent looking animals around the area, and have always just assumed they were Muskrats.  When I brought it up to Jenny on the air, she laughed at me as if I were insane.


People started to call and tell their own stories, including Amanda, who claimed to have seen the exact same animal in the exact same place as me!  In fact, so many people called with stories, and different accounts as to what the animal could be, that WNEM decided to run a report (video above).

Jen, and everyone in the building basically spend the day making fun of my Muskrat tale (see what I did there with tale vs tail?)  Then I got this text from Jen last night, and everything changed!

So this leaves two questions.

1. Is the animal a Muskrat or something else?

2. Why are there so many this summer, just wandering around different parking lots?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.