After an Instagram photo that many are interpreting as racist has gone viral, the families of those involved are speaking out. The former Midland High School student, who now attends Michigan State University, may face action from the school.

The photo features a young woman posing with a person in a gorilla costume, and is captioned, "got a pic with dows kicker ;)" [sic] The player referenced is an African American female who attends Dow High School.

The woman's mother, Jules Muck released a statement to WNEM, saying:

"My daughter was stupid and she did the wrong thing. She's sorry for it and she will change. She isn't racist. She doesn't hate."

Her daughter new attends MSU, and could face action from the school.

"One of the university’s core values is inclusion, and we are committed to fostering a campus climate that does not condone racial harassment or bullying. The university is aware of the recent posting connected to an MSU student. This posting is deeply troubling and is clearly not aligned with our core values. We are addressing this situation in a responsible manner through multiple channels.

--MSU spokesman Jason Cody"