This story will make your stomach turn. Is there any place that's safe for kids anymore?

It is an unthinkable crime that robbed a 2 year old of her innocence. Even more unbelievable, it happened inside a church. The mother became active in this church when she was like 11. Here's were it happened, the Detroit Church Grandvale Corps Community Center.

 Here's what happened according to the mother.She says on a quiet morning last July, parents were attending services and kids were in Sunday School. Afterwards, there was no sign of her little girl until she found her alone in the dark of the church basement. She was found fully nude and screaming. Seconds later, the pastor was telling her "We don't need to call the police. You can't go up and down the street talking about this. Meet me up here tomorrow."

Mom took her daughter to the hospital. Later, at Children's Hospital the doctor examined her and told her  that her child had been sexually assaulted. A rape kit and DNA evidence were collected. Tests indicated rape did not occur, but the exam states there were "numerous lacerations to the child's genital area." As Michigan State Police continue to process evidence, Detroit Police are using surveillance video and sign-in sheets to I-D and interview all who were there.

The mother wants this case solved, but also wants an explanation of how this could happen in the first place. Thankfully, mom says therapy and support from loved ones have helped. Nonetheless, a predator who preyed inside a church remains free and still on her mind.

In a statement, the Salvation Army which operates the church says "We continue to express deep concern for the young girl who's mother reported an incident that allegedly occurred earlier this year at the Grandvale Corps Community Center. Our prayers and thoughts go out to her and her family. We continue to assist the police with their investigation and don't speculate on an ongoing investigation."