It's not something you would expect to hear on your voice mail. It might have gone something like this; Hi Mrs. Thompson. This is Taylor Swift. I have written a song about your son, Ronan.

Ronan was just four years old when his mother, Maya Thompson, lost him to cancer last year. Mrs. Thompson shared a lot of her experiences on line in a blog, and Taylor was so moved by Ronan's story that she wrote a song simply titled 'Ronan'. Mrs. Thompson was unaware of Swift's song until she received the phone call from the singer asking if she could perform the song during the nationally televised 'Stand Up 2 Cancer' telethon, which aired last Friday. You can catch a clip of Taylor's performance below.


"How do you even find the words to thank somebody for something like this?"  asked Ronan's mom. "I was a blubbering mess telling her how much this meant to me....I got off the phone and I was shaking, crying and I could not even form a thought."

Nicely done Taylor!