I have three kids, all of whom are very picky eaters.  I struggle to get them to eat their dinner, and it sometimes turns into a stand off.  I have threatened them with no bedtime snacks, but would never go as far as this Sanilac County woman did.

A family member was not happy with the way the 21-year-old mother was parenting her son, recorded a video of her force-feeding her choking son, and later posted on YouTube.  That video prompted criminal charges against Jacqueline Caiger.  She has since been released on a personal recognizance bond, and the family moved to St. Clair County.

What is shocking about the video is the fact that the father is just sitting there doing nothing.  This couple has two other kids.  The video has been removed from YouTube, but ABC12 did a report on this story, and they do show parts of the video.

Do you think the mother went too far?  Should the father have stepped in?  Leave your thoughts and comments below.