Advertising is what pays the bills for most forms of media. Good advertising is entertaining as well as informative, and if it does what it's supposed to, it sells the product too. recently took a survey on which advertising character/mascots we dislike the most. Oddly, many of the mascots that we don't care much for have been around for quite a long time. See the top 10 list below:


10. Geico's "Money you Save." 37% disliked the stack of money with eyeballs that seemed to show up in odd places.

9. Domino's "The Noid." This character hasn't been around since the 1980's, but left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. 38% still hate "The Noid."

8. Esurance's "Erin." The cartoon with pink hair was described as "sexy" by many, but 39% dislike her.

7. Chuck E. Cheese. Around here, them's fightin' words. 39% wanted to punch the rodent.

6. Honda's "Mr. Opportunity." 40% or respondents wanted to knock on his noggin.

5. Ronald McDonald. Clown phobias probably played a big role in his making the list. 43% dislike him.

4. Mr. Six Flags. Old guy with big glasses dancing to bouncy music. Despite being quite spry, 45% hate him.

3. Geico's "Caveman." This ad character actually spawned a short-lived TV series. The fact that 46% of the population dislikes him explains why it was short-lived.

2. Mucinex's "Mr. Mucus." He's mucus. Nuff said. 50% want to blow him out.

1. The "Burger King." After getting a makeover in 2003, the Burger King took on a wooden, creepy persona. Commercials had this thing hanging out in people's bedrooms and other inappropriate places. The burger chain retired the boogeyman with a crown last year. It may take decades for people to erase their bad memories of this creepazoid. 60% of respondents hate him. When you're trying to sell food, you probably want a mascot that people like better than mucus.